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Anti-Fume treatment for OIL


Reduce your vehicle's exhaust fumes with this anti-smoke treatment. The anti-smoke for oil cleans and removes traces of oil and carbon. Stabilizes and regulates the viscosity of the oil (summer-winter), improving its viscosity index. Reduces internal noises within the engine, restoring and optimizing engine compression. Substantially reduces oil consumption, maintaining perfect lubrication inside the crankcase. It does not affect the proper functioning of catalytic converters and particulate filters. Our anti-smoke for oil is suitable for all types of passenger cars, 4×4, heavy vehicles, marine engines, all types of agricultural machinery, etc. (with diesel or gasoline engines). It presents excellent results in old engines, with some looseness between its parts and with excessive oil consumption.


DOSAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  With the engine off, and with the oil slightly warm, remove the filler cap and add directly to the engine.

    • DOSAGE:
      • Add between 3% and 5% of the product to the engine oil.
      • Add the product preferably at oil changes.


Available in formats: 250ml/1L

Anti-Fume treatment for OIL

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