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It is a treatment for Diesel and Fuel Oil, with a special combination of additives and ash-free substances. 



The new generation active principles used provide the following effects on diesel: Prevents the formation of crystals in diesel fuel when temperatures drop to the cloud point (Cloud Point). By adding this treatment, the filtration capacity and pour point of the fuel will be greatly improved. The activity of the treatment depends on the type and content of distilled paraffins.



Appropriate to avoid the formation of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel at low temperatures and thus ensure the operation in winter of all diesel engines such as cars, trucks, construction machines and all types of diesel engines in general. Ensures engine operation in winter at low temperatures. Suitable for all types of Diesel fuel. 


How to use

Add ANTI-FREEZE TREATMENT FOR FUEL to the tank at a temperature of +10ºC above the cloud point (Cloud Point), otherwise, the paraffin crystals formed cannot be dissolved by the subsequent treatment: 1L of treatment per 1000L, if the temperature is -22ºC 2L of the treatment for every 1000L, if the temperature is -27ºC 3L of the treatment for every 1000L, if the temperature is -32ºC


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