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Anti-Friction Engine Treatment

This anti-friction treatment for diesel or gasoline engines improves cold starting and protects the engine against wear in situations such as starting, short trips, high temperatures or failures in the lubrication system.

It is a highly effective product, its advanced formulation provides all types of engines with extraordinary protection against friction and wear in all seasons of the year and at extreme temperatures.

Avoids the most severe problems of camshaft wear, as well as cylinder wear, piston scoring and reduces carbon created in the combustion chamber.

Significantly increases the performance of all parts subjected to friction, extends the life of them and the engine.

Reduces oil and fuel consumption, as well as gas emissions, protecting and extending the life of the catalyst.

The anti-friction treatment system for the engine improves engine response and increases its power, improves compression and balance in all cylinders, significantly reduces friction noise and vibrations.

Prevents premature oxidation of the oil and keeps its properties stable for longer, so oil change intervals can be extended.

DOSAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  Add to the oil circuit.

After adding the product, run the engine for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • For engines with 5 liters of oil, add 250 ml of AUTO-GAR TMF-2000.
  • For engines with 6 liters or more of oil, add 30 ml of AUTO-GAR TMF-2000 for each liter of oil.

Available in formats: 250ml/1L

Anti-Friction Engine Treatment

Price on request
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