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BioKing Tire and Engine Cleaner

BioKing Tire and Engine Cleaner is a product specially formulated to remove dirt that is especially resistant to removal on the tires and the engine of the vehicle.



Smart deep cleaning


The line of products for cleaning and caring for vehicles is based on the BioKing formula , an "intelligent" product that identifies the type of residue or dirt to be removed, behaving like an alkaline product against acidic dirt and acid against alkaline dirt. still maintaining its hypoallergenic and skin care properties.


Environmental friendly


The BioKing line of products for vehicles are products with biodegradable properties, and therefore friendly to the environment and the care of your car, since they do not contain corrosive or polluting components , such as phosphorus, bleach, ammonia, solvents, etc.

This characteristic eliminates the wear produced by the use of aggressive products on the different surfaces of the vehicle, thus maintaining its appearance always bright and like new.

BioKing Tire and Engine Cleaner

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