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Hydraulic Valves Treatment

AUTOGAR® HYDRAULIC VALVES TREATMENT. High performance concentrate to restore the proper functioning of the valves in all types of engines. Cleans and removes traces of oil and carbon. It guarantees a correct load of the hydraulic valves (tappets). It does not change the color, density or volume of the oil, nor does it damage joints or seals. Drastically reduces the noise of hydraulic tappets. Excellent results in engines with excessive wear or mileage. Passenger cars, industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, nautical, etc. Effectively reduces the noise of hydraulic valves (tappets) with a cold engine. 



With the engine off, remove the oil filler cap. Add the contents of the corresponding container. Put the filler cap back on.

  • DOSAGE: Dose between 3 and 5%. Use 250 ml for passenger cars and 1 L in trucks and industrial vehicles.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Compatible with our treatments:
    • Oil leak stopper .
    • Motor Flush (internal motor cleaner) .
    • Anti-smoke for oil.
    • TMF 2000 anti-friction treatment .


Available in formats: 250ml/1L

Hydraulic Valves Treatment

Price on request
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