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Hydroalcoholic sanitizer for surfaces

Hydroalcoholic sanitizer for surfaces (200ml)
Optimum surface coverage and high durability: More than 1,000 keystrokes tested!

Cleaning of the exterior and interior of cars with maximum sanitization.

Our product QM 5265 G is a concentrated sanitizing cleaner with >65% ETHANOL for surfaces, for industrial use, ideal for cleaning and sanitizing work spaces and shops.

Combines with excellent synergy cleaning and hygiene properties.



Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing any type of surface: • Metallic (railings, furniture, etc...)

Metallic (railings, furniture, etc…)
Plastics, toys, toilets.
car steering wheels
Office furniture, doors, digital scoreboards.
Jobs (drivers, machinists, operators, operators, etc...


Spray the surface to be cleaned, if necessary spread it with a cloth.
In case of intensive use several times a day we recommend moisturizing the hands

Hydroalcoholic sanitizer for surfaces

Price on request
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