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Anti-Friction Manual Transmissions

AUTOGAR® TMF-2000TM. ANTI-FRICTION TREATMENT FOR MANUAL GEAR BOXES. Treatment to improve the performance of your vehicle's gearbox, differential groups and all kinds of reducer gears. This anti-friction treatment for manual gearboxes enhances performance and reduces wear. TMF 2000 TM constitutes an anti-friction treatment for gearboxes that ensures greater response in manual changes, differentials, gears and reducers of other transmissions with oil bath. Reduces the excess temperature generated by friction, thus facilitating cooling inside the equipment. Optimizes metallic friction, achieving a much faster and more precise synchronization and eliminating noise and vibrations. DOSAGE AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:

  • IN PASSENGER CARS : 250 ml can (replace with gear oil).
  • IN HEAVY VEHICLES : Add 30 ml per liter of oil.
  • GEARS, REDUCERS AND DIFFERENTIALS : Add between 3% and 5%.
  • USE TMF 2000 TM EVERY 80,000 TO 100,000 KM OR EVERY 2000 HOURS OF WORK

Available in formats: 250ml/1L

Anti-Friction Manual Transmissions

Price on request
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