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Anti-Friction Automatic Transmissions

AG TMF 2000 TA G ANTI-FRICTION TREATMENT FOR AUTOMATIC GEARBOXESTMF 2000 TA G is specially formulated and developed to treat all new automatic gearbox systems with discs and other electronic components bathed in oil. Properties

  • Fully compatible with all kinds of original lubricants, ATF, DEXRON, MERCON, etc.
  • Total protection against wear due to friction, avoiding the accumulation of metallic residues and ensuring perfect operation in the regulator valves.
  • TMF 2000 TA G reduces the temperature points, guaranteeing the optimal functioning of these types of lubricants.
  • TMF2000 TA G corrects power loss that occurs in torque converters
  • Protects all sensitive materials: seals, gaskets, seals.
  • Contains in its composition anti-corrosion and antioxidant agents


  • Shift systems with automatic transmissions
  • servo directions
  • Oil-immersed disc clutches
  • Differential groups with self-locking

Instructions for use Add between 3 and 5% of TMF 2000 TA directly to the oil tank, every 80,000 or 100,000 km. If it is added when an oil change is made, mix with the original lubricant and add at the same time

Anti-Friction Automatic Transmissions

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