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High Performance Multipurpose Grease


Automotive lubrication (wheels, bearings, water pump, brake cylinders, bearings). 

Lithium complex grease suitable for multiple uses, thanks to the TMF-2000 Anti-friction Treatment which drastically reduces wear between parts. Resistant to water, whether sweet or salty. This grease offers a good margin of use in temperatures from –30ºC to 180ºC continuous and peaks of 230ºC. Great resistance to pressure, without subtracting pumpability. It complies with the “AIR 1650-A” standard, maintaining its lubricating properties after 400 hours at 150ºC. Excellent physical-chemical stability, guaranteeing total lubrication. Thanks to the high and varied performance of this grease, there is the possibility of unifying a large number of greases, reducing unnecessary stocks. 


APPLICATIONS:  Apply directly to the areas to be treated, as appropriate.

  • Lubrication of slow and fast bearings at high temperatures.
  • Lubrication under severe working conditions.
  • Offers long-lasting lubrication under wet conditions.



With the engine off, remove the oil filler cap. Add the contents of the corresponding container. Put the filler cap back on.

  • DOSAGE: Dose between 3 and 5%. Use 250 ml for passenger cars and 1 L in trucks and industrial vehicles.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Compatible with our treatments:
    • Oil leak stopper .
    • Motor Flush (internal motor cleaner) .
    • Anti-smoke for oil.
    • TMF 2000 anti-friction treatment .


Available in formats: 250ml/1L

High Performance Multipurpose Grease

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